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Improve Your Smile With Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a relatively inexpensive way to greatly improve the appearance of your teeth. When staining is due to coffee, tea, wine, or tobacco, tooth whitening using at-home bleaching solutions with a flexible mold system can reduce the discoloration made by these products.

WHAT is the best method of tooth whitening?

Our dental office offers the convenience of at-home tooth whitening using professional-grade bleaching solution and our flexible mold system. The process typically takes two to four weeks.

All tooth-whitening systems use peroxide-based bleaching agents. These agents can be either carbamide or hydrogen peroxides. We create flexible molds into which the bleaching gel is placed, holding it in contact with the teeth for a longer period and greatly increasing its efficacy.


Store bought bleaching systems contain anywhere from 3% to 20% peroxide-based agents, whereas our office provides 15% to 43% peroxide-based agents. These higher concentrations are more effective and faster at brightening your teeth. Our flexible molds allow you to use less materials and swallow less material as well.


While our bleaching solutions are more concentrated and effective, they meet ADA standards of safety and effectiveness and the ADA’s Seal of Acceptance.

Do you do laser whitening treatments?

While laser whitening can give you whiter teeth in as little as 90 minutes of chair time, this faster laser system has never been shown to produce more profound whitening results. It does, however, cause a higher incidence of tooth sensitivity postoperatively, and the cost is double. For those reasons, we have chosen to no longer offer in-office laser tooth whitening.

Since bleaching does not work for everyone, Drs. Sackman and Whittle will determine if alternative treatments like veneers or orthodontics are a more appropriate option for you.


Dr. Sackman, Leesa and the staff know how to take care of people. I have seen Dr. Sackman speak about the work he does and it is clear he is educated and committed to providing excellent care for his patients.

Ariel H.

We’ve been patients at Redmond Family Dentistry for years. Mostly we see Dr. Sackman, who is pleasant and takes time to explain things. His staff are wonderful too. At the front desk, they take time to walk you through insurance, billing, and costs of recommended treatments. The hygienists do a good job with cleanings, which, let’s be honest, are nobody’s favorite way to spend an hour. They have been great with my daughter since she was little.

Jessica S.

This office is AMAZING. I can’t say enough good things about them. I needed to have a root canal done pretty urgently and they did everything possible to fit me in within my timeframe. They referred me out to an endodontist for the actual root canal, but all the other work was done in their office. Dr. Whittle did most of my work and she was awesome. The assistants were really great as well. They were exactly on time, never a wait. They numbed me well and were concerned about my comfort. I really really really hate the dentist, hence waiting until I had to have a root canal, but I will definitely be going here again.

Launa B.