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Restore Your Smile with Extractions

There are times when an extraction is necessary, and our office will have your comfort as our highest priority.

Will my extraction be painful?

Your extraction will be as painless as possible. Both Dr. Whittle and Dr. Sackman are exceptionally skilled at giving painless yet profound anesthesia.

Any surgery including extractions will result in a certain amount of discomfort afterward. It is important for your comfort and proper healing that you follow all instructions after the procedure. This will include proper diet, ice pack and pressure, and appropriate and consistent use of prescribed pain medications.

Why does my tooth need to be extracted?

There are certain cases where it is necessary to extract a tooth to maintain or restore your dental health. Examples include:

  • Baby teeth – when one won’t fall out on its own and must be removed to make way for a permanent tooth.
  • Permanent teeth with too much decay – if left in your jaw, a decayed tooth could risk affecting not only that tooth but the surrounding teeth and jaw as well.
  • Wisdom teeth – are often extracted when impacted, when your jaw is too small to support them, or when food gets trapped below the gum and around your wisdom teeth.

Whatever the reason, our dentists will help guide you through pain management options and possible sedation.


Dr. Sackman, Leesa and the staff know how to take care of people. I have seen Dr. Sackman speak about the work he does and it is clear he is educated and committed to providing excellent care for his patients.

Ariel H.

We’ve been patients at Redmond Family Dentistry for years. Mostly we see Dr. Sackman, who is pleasant and takes time to explain things. His staff are wonderful too. At the front desk, they take time to walk you through insurance, billing, and costs of recommended treatments. The hygienists do a good job with cleanings, which, let’s be honest, are nobody’s favorite way to spend an hour. They have been great with my daughter since she was little.

Jessica S.

This office is AMAZING. I can’t say enough good things about them. I needed to have a root canal done pretty urgently and they did everything possible to fit me in within my timeframe. They referred me out to an endodontist for the actual root canal, but all the other work was done in their office. Dr. Whittle did most of my work and she was awesome. The assistants were really great as well. They were exactly on time, never a wait. They numbed me well and were concerned about my comfort. I really really really hate the dentist, hence waiting until I had to have a root canal, but I will definitely be going here again.

Launa B.